Everything Everything; a teen movie reimagined

“This movie will transport you to the golden beaches and clear blue waters of Hawaii with its astounding cinematography. The romantic advances from the film’s male protagonist would leave even Mr. Darcy feeling sheepish and the final twist will leave you both angered yet elated”

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING: Not Exactly Everything, But AlmostMaddy’s character (played by the talented Amandla Stenberg) is a rather refreshing take on the go to coming-of-age plot; although it may seem like she would give up anything to be with her teen love, it is also clear that she needs to find out for herself what it means to be alive.

Following Nicola Yoon’s bestselling novel closely, the romance between Maddy and the boy next door, Olly (Nick Robinson), is charming. Olly enters her life dressed in all black with a big dash of confidence which contrasts with Maddy’s rows of pressed white t-shirts and sterile home environment.

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING: Not Exactly Everything, But AlmostEverything, Everything is another step in the right direction for teen films. Diverse, ambitious and well-made, it’s proof that inclusivity in front and behind the scenes goes a long way in making movies that audiences haven’t seen hundreds of times already.

In short, if you are looking for a film to jumpstart your feeling body and throw you back into what it was like to be 18, then give Everything, Everything a go. You may just come out of it a wiser adult.

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