You’ll never guess how much stars get paid for Glastonbury

Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry will get paid “less than 10%” of what they’d earn at other festivals according to festival organisers.

Organiser Emily Davis says “We’re not in a situation where we’re able to just give people enormous amounts of money. So we’re really grateful for the bands that we get, because they’re basically doing it for the love of it.”

When speaking of their work with the likes of Oxfam, Greenpace and WaterAid she said

“We try to give £2m a year,” said Emily. “In a wet year it’s harder because it costs more, but we give as close to £2m as we can.

Image result for greenpeace

“That’s why we’re not commercial, in that respect. We’re not in the same bracket as everyone else when it comes to paying artists massive fees.

“It’s probably less than 10% of what they’d get from playing any of the other major British festivals. [So] Glastonbury relies completely on goodwill.”

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