You’ll never guess what Justin Bieber did this week for two fans

Justin Bieber took some time off from his busy schedule to surprise two people on the hit U.S show “Knock Knock”. One of the lucky pair was a a fan who had overcome cancer and the other was a single father with is raising a son diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Speaking with Ryan Seacrest Justin said:

“For me to just be there in the moment… I’ve seen it in videos and I’ve seen people after the fact who come through and say, ‘Hey, you helped me get through this tough, time,’ but to be there and go to her house and surprise her, it was awesome. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“I was just talking to [my manger] Scooter [Braun] before and these are the moments when I’m able to do this. She was taking about how she wanted to give up and there’s times I want to stop doing what I do because it gets overwhelming, but I’m reminded of these things and be able to do this for these people is awesome.”

Justin Bieber surprises two fans

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