Aston Merrygold opens up on ex JLS bandmates

Speaking to HMV the ex boy band member confirmed “There’s no drama. There’ll be no TV shows in 20 years’ time when someone walks in the room and you’ve not seen them since. None of that rubbish. Everyone was round at my house last week, just for dinner and a couple of drinks.”

“It’s like when you’re at school, you see your mates every single day, then you go to university and you don’t see each other every day, it’s not because there’s anything bad, you’ve got other things.”

Aston talks ex JLS bandmates

The singer then went on to talk about his hiatus from the music scene and how he was worried he may have been gone for too long.

“Absolutely. It was a real worry. It was performing too, being locked in the studio for that length of time, I was missing it and feeling like I was getting rusty, but I knew I was building something worthwhile.”

He then touched on missing his bandmates: “I miss that more than anything. I have to be on all the time and there’s less messing about. Before in the cars, in the buses, everywhere, it was just banter 24/7, always respectful, but always banter.”

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