Tomorrowland Takeover: Raffey Cassidy ‘Working with George Clooney was fun’

What was it like working with George Clooney? Was he like a father figure for you?

He is definitely somebody to look up to because he is so caring and a really fun guy to work with. He is very intelligent and knows so much about the world.

Did he play any pranks on you during filming?

Yes! Many, he always teased me but in a funny way and we always did this thing where he would throw a slow motion punch at me and I would fake react”

He is well known for treating his co-stars really well, did he get you a gift after filming?

Yeah he got me a really nice bracelet with cute diamond in the middle. It was so pretty.

You’re not going to sell that on Ebay then?

Never! [laughs]

What do you think is so special about Disney films?

“Disney is something I would describe as ‘Tomorrowland’ because people that watch them are happy and a place that’s really cool”


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