Tomorrowland Takeover: Ashley James talks interviewing Taylor Swift

We stopped Ashley James on the red carpet at the Disney European premiere of Tomorrowland in Leicester Square and this is what she had to say for herself.

What is is that you think makes a Disney film so special?

“When I was three my mum used to hear me moving around after she put me to bed at night and she came up one night and found that I had atually put my Disney dress on every night before going to bed and she asked me why and I had said because I can’t go to the Ball in my nightie so yeah I was quite the Disney fanatic. The little mermaid was my favourite. I had a Little Mermaid doll and my brother said if she loved me I could put her in the river and she would swim back to me but she never did but I think the thing that makes Disney so impressive is that you grew up with it and it always has an intresting storyline like two different storylines, the base level funniness for the children but a little witty as well so that adults can enjoy it too”

You look great, who are you wearing today?

“*Points at dress* This is French Connection, my shoes are New Look. High Street all the way”

Do you have a favourite George Clooney film to date?

OMG this is really putting me on the spot. I really like the one and I can’t remember what it was called. It was him and his family on an island…am I making this up? Do you know the one I mean?


“Up in the air! That’s it.”

What should we be looking out for this year in terms of what you’re up to?

This is a good question, I have some really exciting TV projects but we can’t talk about them until they happen but I have quite a lot going on. I have my Hoxton radio show and a lot of modelling, I recently did a great campaign with Peta for anti-fur which was amazing. On top of that I’m going to be the face of a clothing brand but again I can’t talk about that at the moment and omg (Ashley almost doubles over in excitment) on Tuesday I’m flying to New York to interview Taylor Swift so I get to spend some time with her

Enjoy the film!


Ashley James walks the red carpet for the Tomorrowland Premiere with George Clooney


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