One direction top billboard 2014 rich list

One Direction take a combined $46 million in 2014

The figure was compiled after totaling their ticket, album and streaming sales.

One Direction earned $46 million in 2014 : Red Carpet Biz

Find out who made what below:

One Direction             $46 million

Katy Perry                 $30.1 million

Justin Timberlake       $27.9 million

Billy Joel                   $27.2 million

The Eagles                $26.2 million

Luke Bryan                $25 million

Paul McCartney          $23.5 million

George Straight         $22.5 million

Jay Z                       $22 million

Jason Aldean             $20.2 million

Bruno Mars                $19.9 million

Beyoncé                    $19.6 million

Cher                         $16 million

Miley Cyrus                $16 million

Taylor Swift               $13.6 million

Dave Matthews Band  $13.3 million

Lady Gaga                 $13.3 million

Britney Spears           $13.1 million

Zac Brown Band         $12.6 million

Eminem                    $11.9 million

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