Ever wondered what Union J did before their fame?

In a recent interview one of the UK’s most loved boy bands Union J reveal their previous jobs

Jaymi Hensley confessed “I used to sell stationary to office companies. I used to cold call. I got the sack because I didn’t sell anything in two months. I got sacked from the airport, another call centre, a bar. I wasn’t very good at any job.”

Union J talk previous jobs : Red Carpet Biz

Jaymi however wasn’t the only one stuck in a rut, Josh also shared his past experience “I think it was making pizzas at Legoland. Everyone thinks working at Legoland is really fun, but wherever you make a pizza it’s still really dull. I just spread tomato sauce on a horrible bit of bread and occasionally ate them – that’s as wild as it got in there.”

“I got sacked from Legoland. I had three strikes – one was eating all the food, second was I was always late and third was getting caught eating a Flake from the ice cream stand. They didn’t sack me, but they didn’t ask me to come back the next year.

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