Bieber covers Carly Rae Jepsen ‘I really like you’


Just when you think you’ve had enough of Bieber, he goes and treats us once again, and this time is showing more flesh, and his goofy side.

This month we’ve had the release of Carly Rae Jepsens’ song ‘I Really Like You’ with Justin Bieber starring alongside Tom Hanks in the music video and now it looks like he has took it upon himself to make his own music video for the catchy up beat song.

Justin took to his beloved YouTube channel ‘Kidrauhl’ today to upload a fun cover of the song including some very familiar faces.

As the ‘Boyfriend’ singer discovered Carly back in 2012, it’s no question that he really likes the song. He went on to say:

‘Decided to make a fun cover with a bunch of friends of Carly’s new song I Really Like You, love this song’

As well as promoting the single, Justin also asked me people to make their own rendition of the video.

For the whole 3.26 minutes of the video you get to see a goofy side to Justin messing around with several famous faces like Ariana Grande, Rixton, Kendall Jenner, Alfredo Flores, Lance Bass and childhood best friend Ryan Butler.

It seems that making videos to Carly’s songs are becoming a tradition! In 2012 Justin took to YouTube with several of his friends, including ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to make a video of the hit single ‘Call Me Maybe’.

But this video definitely tops that one, it allows us to see what really happens when celebrities have some free time on their hands, and one thing is for sure, it definitely looks like fun, goofing around and lip singing to a fun pop songs.

Watch it here:


Katie-Ted Lowe


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