One Direction fans speculate about band’s 5th album


Liam Payne took to his twitter today to tell his followers that he and the band had spent the day writing. He posted : “1st day writing the album it’s gunna [sic] be a great day! Huge day of writing, so excited! The team never stops! Wonder what tomorrow’s writing will bring?”

One Direction unveil new poster


Fellow pop-star Nick Grimshaw

“Look, I went through it myself and Nick [Jonas], my brother, tweeted the other day that sometimes you have to go through some tough decisions to find true happiness and I stick behind him on that… You know it is not easy. They are under so much scrutiny in their spotlight. And to live a normal free life is difficult, sometimes you want to be a kid and you want to grow up. To find normalcy in the craziness is the most important.”


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