Taylor Swift filming new ‘Bad Blood’ video today in LA with some famous friends

Taylor Swift will be featuring up to 17 famous friends in her new music video for ‘Bad Blood’ being filmed later today in LA. Taylor is enlisting some of her closest friends and a few other well known faces to appear alongside her in her latest video. Red Carpet Biz have been told that for one of the scenes, Taylor will have them all dressed in rock/punk gear. It has not been confirmed as of yet who will be appearing in the video however Swift has recently been spotted with the likes of Calvin Harris, Hayley Williams and more however our money is most definitely on Cara Delevingne who is also in the U.S working right now. We know that Cara WILL be in LA on the 16th for a Burberry party and think she will take some time then to film her appearance. Taylor is also very close with Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Ellie Goulding and Karlie Kloss some of which are also likely to make an appearance.


Red Carpet Biz: Cara Delevinge may make an appearance
Taylor Swift will be filming the video for Bad Blood later today in LA


Swift revealed in an interview last year that the song  Bad Blood was a song she wrote about another female singer who apparently once tried to sabotage her tour. There has since been speculations that Katy Perry is the woman in question.

In a recent development, the below email has been sent looking for a Hayley Williams body double for a ‘blood’ music video for a ‘top recording artist’. It looks like our suggestion that Hayley may appear is correct.

Hayley Williams Red Carpet Biz
Hayley Williams to appear in Taylor Swift music video for Bad Blood


In other news Taylor announced some sad news today via twitter that her mother was diagnosed with cancer in December. All our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.

You can get the latest on this story as well as winning Taylor Swift prizes before anyone else here



11 Comments Add yours

  1. maggie says:

    Taylor swift wins hands down best song best video best artist loser has to be k perry


  2. Jess says:

    Everybody’s favorite on 1989 is different. A lot of fans love Bad Blood and so does Ed Sheeran. That is his favorite song off her album. My favorite is This Love. Haim loves it and at point Taylor she was feeling it the most, but it always changes with Taylor.


  3. amazin69 says:

    Worst song on the album, IMO. I thought she was deliberately parodying Katy’s mediocre output, but if she actually likes it…ugh.

    Wish we could get “Out of the Woods” released, or “New Romantics”, or “Clean”, or “How You Get the Girl”. Instead, this.


  4. Craig Karger says:

    Well, I am not happy with this as a single, not going to lie. I think it will flop.


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