Azealia Banks admits she has a crush on President Obama

Controversial female rap artist Azealia Banks has graced the front cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine. The 23 year old also had a lot to share in the accompanying interview:


Azealia Banks Wants to Have Sex With President Obama
Azealia Banks reveals her dream crush


On controlling her life: “There was a point where I was questioning everything. ‘Am I brushing my teeth at the wrong time? Am I drinking too much? Smoking too much weed? What have I done?’ I don’t turn to anyone for advice. I do what I want.”

On her crush on President Obama: “He’s so fine. Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to f— the president.’”

On her perfect guy: “I love security guards. They’re these big meathead bald white guys with blue eyes. I want a really smart man, who has a lot of silly jokes and stuff. I have to tone it down if I want to get that.”

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