Justin Bieber speaks out about Selena Gomez

The world has been talking about Justin Bieber a lot the past few weeks with the recent roast on Comedy Central and in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest he opens up about his ex-lover Selena Gomez and what we can expect from his new music.


In the interview with Ryan on 102.7 Kiis– FM, Justin reveals that ‘ A lot of my inspiration comes from her”.


Despite the couple no longer being together, Justin goes on to say that his long relationship with the Come and Get It singer not only created heartbreak but it also brought happiness and a lot of different emotions that he wanted to write about for his new upcoming album.



With Selena releasing her single ‘The Heart wants what it wants’ about the rocky relationship with Justin, he confirmed there will not be a response to that song, however there will be songs that were gave him the inspiration, but no direct response. 


As the interview continues, Justin spoke out about his new love, his dog Esther, Floyd Mayweather and all about the Comedy Roast. 


“I want people to look at me and be proud of me”

Justin made it known that at the end of his Comedy Roast that he is aware of the mistakes that he has made over the past few years, but just want’s people to be proud of him once again. 


With the positive response to the roast and ‘Where are u now’ the current single by Skrillex that Justin is featured on, 2015 seems to be turning into a very up lifting year for Justin, and he can only go onwards and upwards from here.


Katie-Ted Lowe


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