Interview: Collabro

Does it feel like a lifetime ago you were on Britain’s Got Talent?

It is so strange to think that in the 9 months since winning the show, we have had a number one album, performed at the Royal Variety Performance, travelled to do a showcase in Hong Kong, released a book about ‘Our Story’ AND had a sell out UK tour! We are so grateful that we have been able to fit so much in to this short space of time and I think because we’ve done so much and we get on so well as a group, it has felt much longer than 9 months!


On your first album, a OneRepublic and a John Legend cover was the only pop you delved into. Are you sticking to this limit for the future or will you explore a little more?

We are so happy that we delved into the realm of pop as our pop covers have been so well received. On the special edition of our album we added ‘Say Something’ which we sang at the Royal Variety and that really hit with the British public which was great so I think you may be seeing a few more covers and hopefully some collaborations with some of those amazing artists!


If you had to sum up the book in one word each what would it be?

Michael Bold

Matt Engaging

Rich Honest

Jamie Emotional

Tom Nostalgic

Are there any deep dark secrets spilled between the pages?

HAHA well you will have to read it to find out but those who have already read it have told us they can see that we have been really open about our pasts and how we got to where we are today. The book also describes our BGT journey and I think people can get a different idea of how the reality of being in a televised competition actually is so reading about our experiences could be eye opening!

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

We are so fortunate to have lots coming up in the pipeline. We will be releasing a second album on June 1st which we are so excited about. The songs we have planned are amazing so keep an eye out. We are travelling to Japan in April to do some promotion out there. We love travelling to different countries and learning about their culture and performing live is what we love doing so getting the chance to do that across the World is incredible. We will also be back on BGT as last years winners so that will be scary but really fun! I think that’s as far into the future that we can look at the moment as there are always new and exciting things being presented to us and we want to do as much as we can as we are just loving this whole experience. We have the best fans #collaborators and we are still so grateful for being able to perform for a living! Thank you!

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