5SOS deny Janoskians collaboration

Ashton Irwin denies band wrote with The Janoskians

The Janoskians recently shared with Capital FM that they collaborated on a song with Calum entitled ‘Cloudy’

“It was co-written by Calum Hood… it’s called ‘Cloudy’. I actually really like it – it’s one of my favourites. It was supposed to come out on this EP… the track is so huge that they wanted to release it on its own. We’ve been mates with him for a long time before they blew up and got so big… it was just fun times in the studio together, making memories.”

5sos 1

However on March 5th a 5SOS fan tweeted:

5sos cowrote majority of their album songs the janoskians cowrote with 5sos what’s the big hoohah like we don’t complain when it’s 5sos.”

Ashton Irwin replied to the post: “We didn’t know about it…and we didn’t co write anything with the janoskians.”

If that isn’t awkward we don’t know what is..

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