Interview: Clean Bandit

After a whirlwind 2014 Britain’s favourite new band are just about to embark on their 2015 tour.


Firstly congratulations on the Grammy win and Brit nomination. That must have been incredible for you, has it even sunk in? 

Not completely. The Brits are of course something we have been aware of, we went last year and got a feel for it, a feel for something that is such a huge part of the British music industry whereas The Grammys were so distant for us, we went having no concept of what it was going to be like so it was a very different  experience.

Did you run into anyone on the red carpet whilst you were there?

We did actually have a good chat with Diplo. We talked about doing some sort of remix which would be cool.

You are quite well known for your collaborations, is there anyone you would just love to work with?

Um well there were so many amazing people at The Grammys, Annie Lennox was really incredible and Ariana Grande has such an amazing voice, I guess to work with either of them.

You are kicking off your tour tomorrow in Belfast, what can those with a ticket expect from the show?

Well we think by quite a long way it’s going to be the best live show we have ever done. We have been rehearsing really hard for it and we have changed a lot so it will be much bigger, fuller and exciting that ever before. We are also playing 3 new tracks so that’s pretty cool as well.

Do you get nervous performing new songs  for the first time? 

No I don’t think so, there’s only a few so we will just play some well known classics after [laughs]

Finally, one of our readers has asked where did the name Clean Bandit actually originate from?

Well Grace and Jack used to live in Moscow and one of Grace’s friends used to call her that all the time which literally translates to “Total B******” . No one really remembers why we chose it but it’s too late now [laughs]

Good luck on the opening night and we will catch up with you at your London date later in the month


Get your tickets to see the band live below:

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