Justin Bieber roasting

Brace yourself Bieber, the roast is fast approaching!

When we found out the news that pop star Justin Bieber agreed to be roasted on Comedy Central, the initial thought was uh oh what has he gotten himself into this time?! But it turns out that Justin wanted to be roasted!

Last month when the roast was announced, Justin Bieber was quick to express his excitement:

‘For years, I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me. They said only if I provided them with more material, so for a year now I have worked hard’.

Both Comedy Central and Justin took to social media today to release a teaser video in preparation for the show on March 30th.

The video is a 30 second clip of Justin topless with eggs being thrown off his body in slow motion. It’s similar to how houses must feel on Halloween night.

Well one thing’s certain if Bieber can put up with eggs being thrown at him, lets just hope that he can handle the insults that the comedians are going to be flinging at him!

#BieberRoast premiers on Comedy Central on March 30th Hosted by Kevin Hart with other comedians Hannibal Buress and Jeff Ross.

Katie-Ted Lowe

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