Jamie Dornan talks awkward 50 Shades scenes

In an interview recently he said that “anyone who thinks actors get turned on doing sex scenes in films is mistaken,” adding: “There are dozens of hairy men standing around, moving cables and lighting equipment. That’s not sexy unless you’re into being watched, which I’m not.”


In a more recent interview with Notebook magazine Jamie explained that that he spent half the sex scenes, during filming 50 Shades of Grey, apologising to Dakota and reassuring her that he wasn’t going to enjoy it.

“If I was about to be doing something particularly heinous to Dakota, I would apologise in advance and say, ‘I’m probably not going to derive a huge amount of pleasure out of this. I want you to know that.'”

He added: “I got through with a lot of apologies, you have to keep the intensity there, but maintain professionalism. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings and it can be uncomfortable to film things like that, so I just tried to make light of it.”


Dakota told The Sunday Telegraph about her worries over choosing the lead role: “Absolutely. The whole time. Even now there are moments when I think, ‘What the f*ck have I done?”

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