Iggy Azalea’s mobile number leaked

Iggy Azalea is cheesed off!

Looks like the ‘Black Widow’ Singer will be changing her pizza service after Papa Johns gave out her mobile number!  The biggest music event of the year, The 57th Annual Grammys took place last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and for a pre-Grammy dinner, the 24 year old rapper fancied her favourite Italian food but was then left with nothing but a cold pizza and her personal details out in the open.


Iggy took to twitter to voice her outrage with her pizza company saying

“ @Papajohns was my favourite pizza but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family members”

Papa Johns then went on to reply with a very light hearted tweet by saying that employee privacy is important to them and that they should of known better, which did not go down well with the Grammy nominee at all. Iggy continued to voice her outrage by saying that she expected the company to contact her or a lawsuit will be filed. Uh Oh! So instead of being able to enjoy her pizza and have a great dinner before heading to the Grammys, Iggy was left fuming that the pizza company would not identify the driver who gave out her number. Poor Iggy. Don’t worry Iggy; there is always Dominos Pizza!

Katie-Ted Lowe


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