Joe Sugg reveals book plans

From Thatcher to Author, Joe Sugg Reveals All!


From thatching roofs to making us laugh to becoming an author. Is there anything Joe Sugg can’t do? Youtuber Joe Sugg formally known as Thatcher Joe online took to YouTube with a new video, as tradition on ‘Sugg Sunday’ talking about his new venture!

Just when you think there are not enough books by your favourite Youtubers, with The Pointless Book, Graces’ Guide and Girl Online. Our favourite Thatcher has made one big announcement about his new project. From just looking at the thumbnail of the video, viewers were intrigued to what it could be. Joe Sugg is bringing out his very own book, and not just any book but a…wait for it…graphic novel. Following in the footsteps of his sister Zoe Sugg, known online as Zoella, who quite recently brought out her debut novel Girl Online, Joe has now been signed to write his own.

If you are unaware, a graphic novel is usually a fictional story in comic book style and if you have never watched Joe’s channel, well it’s pretty clear that he is no stranger to being creative which makes it even more exciting to see what he has in store for this novel!
Joe explained in his video that he wants his viewers to be involved in the process of making his debut novel by asking you to help vote for the name of the main character. He went on to say that he wants his viewers to be able to look back and say ‘I picked that name for Joe, and it’s now in a book’

There isn’t too many details for the book as of yet, but Joe has announced that the graphic novel is all about a young girl struggling with bullying at school and online, but then her life is dramatically turned upside down. With over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s no doubt that this book is going to be one big success. There hasn’t been a confirmed date as of yet but the book is due to hit book stores in September. So that’s another book to add to your Youtuber bookshelf.

Check out Joe’s big announcement here:

Katie-Ted Lowe

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