The Pretty Reckless LIVE review

Known for her (beautifully) gravelly voice, bleached hair and grungey get-ups, lead singer Taylor Momsen delighted the sold-out show with a blend of old hits from the original ‘Light Me Up’ album and new tracks from their latest record ‘Going to Hell’. The NYC band blasted the roof to somewhere in the region of the moon with the crowd’s clear favourite ‘Make Me Wanna Die’, during which she declared ‘I would die for you, my love.’ (bit dramatic TayMom but we’re 100% down for you).

Approximately 666 lightyears away from her sweetheart character Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl, Momsen oozed sex appeal as she strutted the length of the stage, singing and screaming her way through songs she (impressively) wrote in her teens. Surprisingly, the star seemed to have toned down her usual fierce stage look, opting for an embellished cape and Union Jack oversize tee- ‘REPRESENT! UK!’ (only she said it like ‘yoo-kay’ and it was adorable).

The band toned it down for a couple of slow tracks, including the slightly heart-wrenching ‘House on a Hill’, during which Taylor really flaunted her vocal talents.

The appeal of The Pretty Reckless is clearly wide, with a crowd ranging from teenage girls in flower crowns (come on guys, Coachella was ages ago and Lana is not here) to men in leather who looked as though they probably went to Iron Maiden gigs in the 80s. Of course, the majority of attendees were wearing more eyeliner than the average zombie/skeleton wears on Halloween. It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling that a band like Taylor Momsen’s can do so well in a time of largely manufactured-for-mainstream chart music.

Our only complaint was that we didn’t get to party with her afterwards, and that, at around 10 tracks, the setlist seemed a bit short. But it must be tiring being that hot.

We completely recommend checking out The Pretty Reckless’ latest album ‘Going To Hell’ and, if you haven’t already, all their older stuff too.

Rating: ****

Becca Scott


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