Tanya Burr to release personal book

YouTube Star and Beauty Blogger Tanya Burr took to her YouTube Channel this week to upload a very special video and no, it wasn’t this months monthly favourites or how to do a smoky eye look, it was to announce that she is in fact writing her very own book!

Tanya Burr is no stranger to the internet world, with already having over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, over 1 million followers on twitter and her own makeup range of Eyelash, Lip and Nail products in Superdrug stores across the UK, it is clear that Tanya Burr definitely knows what she is doing!


Tanya who is well known for her beauty advice
Tanya who is well known for her beauty advice


The Beauty Blogger explained in her YouTube video just exactly what the book is going to be about.

“The book is going to be quite personal with lots of stories, not an autobiography, it’s going to include parts of my childhood, and there’s going to be beauty, my top beauty tips and fashion and baking”

She also went on to say that her book titled ‘ Love, Tanya’ is going to be different to anything out there. As well as including personal chapters about herself, looking at how to lead a happy life was also a key chapter to include in her book.

As a YouTube Star but first and foremost a beauty blogger, Tanya compared her book to being ‘One massive blog post’ but also wanted to give her viewers a chance to be a part of the book by asking them to send in questions using the hashtag #LoveTanya which then Tanya will pick her favourites ones and go on to answer them in the book.

‘Love, Tanya’ is set to be published by Penguin Books who so happens to be publishing ‘ Girl Online’ by fellow YouTuber/ Beauty Blogger and close friend of Tanya’s, Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella.

It sounds like everything you need packed in to one book, top tips, childhood stories, advice and even how to make the perfect cake!

No date has been confirmed for the release of Love, Tanya as of yet but it is set to be out sometime next year.


Katie-Ted Lowe




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