Cody Simpson & Bieber team up

Collaboration you just do not want to miss!


Twitter blew up last night with Beliebers going crazy and this time it wasn’t because popstar Justin Bieber had posted another shirtless selfie, or an unseen picture of Jelena on instagram, it was because he finally released new music! Teenage heartthrobs Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have teamed up together to release a song called ‘Home to Mama’ which is set to make all the girls hearts swoon. After teasing fans for months on end with hints to what they have been up to, both Justin and Cody took to twitter last night to drop the release of their duet.

Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber


Cody Simpson toured with the worldwide pop star at the start of 2013 whilst Justin was over in the UK on his ‘Believe Tour’ and it is said that the pair have been recording together for months. The pair took to app ‘Fahlo’ to release the song and within a matter of minutes the app had crashed due to fans desperately wanting to hear the song.

After all the waiting and teasing, it was fair to say that both Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson fans were very excited to hear the pair duet together. Just minutes after the song was released, lyrics were already being tweeted by thousands of fans around the world and even trended worldwide.

The song includes a fair share of Falsetto notes, a very chilled acoustic vibe and very cute lyrics and we know one thing for sure, we definitely wouldn’t mind being taken home to meet their mums if this song has anything to go by!

Katie-Ted Lowe


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