The video for McBusteds’ debut single Air guitar has just landed and it is exactly what you would expect from the McBusted Lads! The video shows they are not some stereotypical “boyband” complete with their signature jump. The video reminds me very much of sum  41 – ‘in too deep’ and many of the great bands of the 90’s and 00’s. You simply have the band and a lot if adoring fans surrounding  the stage whilst the band give a very highly energetic performance.


Kick and step and kick and step...
Kick and step and kick and step…



I felt the video fit well with the single as they could have of gone numerous ways. The single is just about having fun and jumping around play your air guitar which we have all unapologetically done at some point in our lives and that is how the video came across to its demographic audience. However,  the only thing I would of liked to have seen in the video is a storyline; possibly to give it a bit more depth. But this single is just meant to be fun and that’s what it is and the video is perfect for showing just who Mcbusted are as a band. The song has set the bar for what’s to come from the upcoming McBusted album (coming out on 1st December just in time for Christmas) as well on their newly announced upcoming tour. It will be a high energy show like no other, definitely not to be missed! So grab tickets whilst you can!

Watch the official video below:



-Megan Williams

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