Selena Gomez gets emotional in new music video

The former Disney star took to twitter this morning to unveil to fans the new music video for her brand new single ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ and If I were you I would get the tissues ready because oh boy, it is emotional!


Selena talks about a difficult time in her life in the opening scene of the video and even sheds a few tears.

Could this be about her recent on again off again relationship with pop star Justin Bieber?


Rumours are already speculating around the lyrics of the song, Does Selena’s heart still want Justin, even if he didn’t treat her right?

Well the heart wants what it wants right Selena?


It is not confirmed that what Selena is talking about in the music video is referring to her personal experience but acting or not, it is very convincing!


She goes on to say:

I didn’t realise that I could be feeling so confident and feeling so great about myself and it just be completely shattered by one thing, by something so stupid.”

“But then you make me feel crazy, you make me feel like it’s my fault, I was in pain”

Yet again, Selena Gomez never fails to impress and if this song is anything to go by what’s in store for her new album then one things for sure, it’s going to be huge!

Watch the new video now

The new single is available to pre-order now as well as her brand new album ‘You’ which comes out 24th November. You can watch the video below:


Katie-Ted Lowe


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