Ready to run review

On this gloomy and freezing afternoon, the One Direction fans have been treated to a brand new song from their upcoming album Four. After the excellent Fireproof, that was free to download for 24 hours in early September, and the single Steal My Girl, graced by a video directed by Danny De Vito, Ready to Run announces a brand new sound for the band.

Ready to Run, released earlier today, is about overcoming obstacles to remain true to your lover. With strong and well-written lyrics, the song is also sounding less pop and definitely more authentic. The melody conducted by warm guitar arrangements is catchy and more than pleasant to the ears. Their voices are amazing: tender, smooth yet powerful and raspy.


Powerful and raspy are my thing
Powerful and raspy are my thing


This song also displays the writing talent of Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, as they co-penned it together. Although it might sound a bit cliché, Four might be the long-awaited transition album for One Direction. Leaving their popstar years behind, they are ready to be truer to themselves, ready to unleash their talent. The reception so far is excellent and Twitter, Facebook and other Tumblr blogs are buzzing with excitement!

Four comes out on the 17th of November; not long to wait to hear the boys turn into men…



Emilie Devillet


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