Britney releases new range

International pop icon Britney Spears launched her debut collection of sleepwear apparel, The Intimate Britney Spears, with retail partner CHANGE Lingerie, in the United Kingdom with an exclusive event held at Hotel Café Royal in London on Tuesday September 23rd. Spears welcomed guests and shared her vision for creating the collection, which is designed to evoke vintage romance and the poetry it inspires.

Red Carpet Biz Britney Spears
In a question and answer session at Hotel Café Royal in London on September 23rd Britney was answered the following:

Which do you think is the sexiest piece from the range?
‘I think the sexiest item is probably ‘Cherry’ because it’s red and it really stands out, it’s very elaborate and I think it’s pretty promiscuous.’

What is your favourite item from the range?
‘I think my favourite piece is Buttercup because of all the nude colours and the variety of beiges.’

When you’re picking lingerie, do you prefer matching or mix and match?
‘A bit of both, sometimes I like to wear matching, sometimes I like to mix it up to make it more interesting.’

As the princess of pop, could you imagine the princess of England Kate enjoying your intimate collection? 
‘I would love to see Kate wear my underwear designs. That would be splendid! I’m going to send her one of every piece, so she’ll have plenty to choose from.’

Who else would you like to see modeling it?
‘I love Gwen Stefani, I think she’s very cool and sexy.’

How would you describe the woman who wears the Britney Spears Intimate collection?
‘I think it’s for everyone, it’s for every type of woman; it’s a variety. It’s perfect for everyone.’

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