Elton John Live

During his spirited and well-paced show on Tuesday night, flanked by his five piece backing band, Elton John made it clear that he still appreciates the opportunity to perform in front of people. Performing primarily a greatest hits set to a sold out crowd at the Capital FM Arena in England. Red Carpet Biz Elton John No surprise guests made an appearance on the night it was simply just John and his long list of transcendent hits spanning more than 40 years. It’s easy to forget just how many hits Elton John has had over the course of nearly forty-five years. A whopping fifty-eight singles in the Billboard Top 40 is impressive enough… but his placement of at least one song in the Billboard Hot 100 for each of thirty-one consecutive years between 1970 and 2000 is even more incredible still. True to form, John’s unlikely and impressive ability to appeal to multiple generations of pop and rock fans is still apparent from his live audiences. The show was faithful to the original versions of the classics, mixing ballads with florid piano runs, and high-octane favorites, augmented by John’s show stealing piano solos. “Rocket Man,” for instance, opened with a long, ornate prelude. John frequently was reminded of his efforts by the crowd, bestowing upon him a standing ovation following every single song – something rare at a seated performance. John, who reacted kindly with a bow and a thank you each time, sounded at his best for “Your Song,” which competed with “Rocket Man” as two of the nights more well-received tracks. Holding the attention of a crowd in the cavernous arena setting can be difficult to accomplish without the accompaniment of a full band. It’s a risk for any performer and in my concertgoing experience only a select few have truly pulled it off (Prince and Paul McCartney for instance). But John more than rose to the occasion with a rousing, energetic rendition of “Oceans away” that relied on nothing more than his piano playing and raw voice. There were no backing vocalists to assist and John nailed it. Toward the end of the two-hour show, after John and the band left the stage but before the encore, the gracious artist returned and signed autographs for audience members at the front of the stage. A Sharpie in hand, John scribbled his name on everything he was given. From there, the full band kicked it up a notch, saving the most rocking material for the end with “I’m Still Standing” and “The Bitch is Back” before closing the main set appropriately with “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting).” Following the show’s only pause, Elton John returned from encore with a performance that found the sold out crowd dancing in the aisles during an extended, rollicking take on “Crocodile Rock.”


Elton John Live



Ps) One to watch out for; Elton’s support act Bright Light Bright Light’s vocals were too good to not mention. Check them out here http://www.brightlightx2.com


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