Parklife 2014

Jordan Muckely

Tipped to be a total wash-out, this year’s Parklife Weekender in Manchester somehow overcome the adversity. Though it’s stature as a festival has swiftly risen since its inception in 2010, many of Manchester’s more leftfield music fans can be somewhat haughty about Parklife Weekender.

As with most festivals that don’t require excessive travelling or camping, there’s always going to be a percentage of the crowd devoted purely to chaos. But far less than most would have you believe. 2014 saw another huge step in to making this mash-up of house, indie, dance and electronica music in to one of the country’s biggest and best festivals.

One thing that can’t be helped, though, is the weather. Bad weather to festival-goes is like water off a duck’s back. A minor blot on an otherwise sunny setting. By mid afternoon the sun was breaking through and ponchos were being discarded quicker than you could say D O double G.

Headliners, indie boys Foals played a raucous 75-minuted set that spanned all three of their studio-albums, going as far back as 2007 by including ‘Hummer’ as their encore. Yannis Philippakis told the crowd, “We know it’s been raining this weekend, so this is your chance to get all the frustration and anger about it out”, before bursting in to Holy Fire single ‘Inhaler’. Across the other side of Heaton Park’s glorious green fields, Disclosure closed the Wildlife stage with ‘Latch’.

The heavy influence of the Warehouse Project is felt throughout the festival, and it’s not impossible to stumble in to any of the tents and be lifted by the incredible Bondax, MNEK and George Ezra. Although there’s no official dress code, this year’s theme would most certainly have come under 90’s Revival; I’ve never seen so much Fila, Ellesse and tie-dye since the days of Madchester.



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