Rewind live review

Rewind – O2 Academy Birmingham.

“Teen pop will never die as long as there are teens and popular music.” – a pearl of wisdom from Justin Timberlake that rings true today. Ever since One Direction became a phenomenon across the globe, the bar has been set impossibly high. Many boybands have come and fallen by the wayside, and in the X Factor-age, fame finds you before you can finish your rendition of What Makes You Beautiful.

It’s difficult to escape their predecessors’ shadow. What differentiates modern day boybands isn’t winning a talent show, or how many followers they have on Twitter; it’s being unique and original that will set you out from the rest. Meet Rewind: Kieran, Ryan, James, Lewis and Jack, a lively and down-to-earth fivesome from Scotland, currently wooing screaming girls (and boys) across the UK.
This cheeky lot have gained a large and dedicated following on social media, and bounced on to the stage with all the pomp only a pop concert can afford, as hundreds of screaming girls hyperventilated at the sight of their finely toned arms.

The group breezed around the stage, fulfilling childhood dreams of playing to crowds night-in, night-out, opening with self-penned Boomerang, a feel-good ‘90s throwback track akin to the likes of N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys. A mash-up of Rihanna’s We Found Love and OneRepublic’s Counting Stars soon followed, keeping the crowd jumping in almost rehearsed unison.

Rousing slow number Hold Me Now has been lifted straight from a love letter, whilst Luckiest Boy is a pulsing happy-pop blow out that made at least 90% of the audience screams their tonsils red. Rewind are far from reinventing pop music, but their energy, heart-breaking angst and baby-faced cuteness make them the next teen heartthrobs that every generation deserves.

Of course, Rewind have the tried-and-tested formula of puppy-eyed balladry and up-tempo love songs primed to make girls flock to click follow. Performances alongside Little Mix, Conor Maynard and Katy B don’t come to those who haven’t earned it. One thing that is for sure, everyone in attendance went home without a voice, a trend that will follow for years to come.

Rewind played:

We Found Love/Counting Stars
She Looks So Perfect
Blurred Lines/Kiss
Hold Me Now
Luckiest Boy


Jordan Muckley

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