All your favourite celebrities in one place

Take a few hours out of your day to meet the stars of film, music and sport at Madame Tussauds London. Walk among nearly 400 well-known figures. Guests begin the tour at an A-list celebrity bash, with celeb wax figures dotted about the room allowing for fantastic photo opportunities and to see up close and personal just how life-like these figures are. Rub shoulders with the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio and George Clooney, or for any Directioners out there, walk up the ramp and have your photo taken with all five of the boys!
Guests exit the party to an area dedicated to film, featuring stars both old and new. Get snapped with Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin, or for the younger visitors (or adults that are kids at heart) meet Shrek and Tinkerbelle; at just 16cm tall, the smallest waxwork figure on display.
Next up on the tour is all your favourite sports personalities. The girls (and Mums!) will love getting a photo with Team GB bronze Olympic medallist Tom Daley mid-dive, while the Dads will love getting a photo with their favourite football heroes. It really was great that you could get so close to these figures, no ropes or barriers keeping you away.
Royals and culture followed the sporting heroes, giving guests the opportunity to meet the Queen; having the most wax re-creations standing at 22 in total, Wills and Kate, with no armed guards standing in your way.
Your music megastars are up next. Give Justin Timberlake a hug; after all he gets more hugs than any other figure on display!, or go give the most kissed figure on display a peck on the cheek; pop princess Kylie Minogue. By this point in the tour the crowds had thinned and it was easy to pose and get snapped with any of the celebs on display here. Dads were seen giving Beyonce a cuddle, while the Beliebers could be seen with a young Justin Bieber.
Approaching the end of the tour guests get a choice – head down into the Chamber of Horrors (not advised for under 12’s!), or by-pass the scream fest to a light-hearted overview of the history of London. The Chamber of Horrors began with a number of wax figures depicting the gruesome history of London. This is just a gentle intro to the maximum security prison which is to come. Taken over by unhinged inmates, SCREAM throws guests into the middle of a ‘one way out’ maze filled with live-action actors, there for one purpose, to make you scream! Not for the fainthearted we left SCREAM shaking and eager to see what else this popular London attraction had to offer.
Hop into one of London’s black cabs for the next part of the tour, ‘Spirit of London’. Here guests are guided around the history of the capitol; from Tudor London, the Great Fire of London, and the Blitz, up to the 1980’s and beyond. Kids will love the ride and the colourful presentation of London’s history, and the adults will love been able to rest their shaking legs after emerging from the Chamber of Horrors!
The final part of the tour, and possibly our favourite, was the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience. Meet your favourite comic book heroes, get photo’s with the Hulk; the 15ft tall figure been Madame Tussauds largest ever created, or rub shoulders with Iron Man and Wolverine. The climax of the experience is a 360o 4D cinema experience, in which guests watch a battle between the super heroes and Marvel’s baddies set in London.
Guests exit the cinema experience via the gift shop. Filled with souvenirs to fit any budget, there really is something here for everyone! For anyone planning a visit, do enjoy, we had a fantastic time!


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