Red Carpet Biz have a quick chat with Sam and Mark just before they pick up a BAFTA!


Hi guys, you look very dapper!
“Ah thank you!”

Did you get dressed together?
“We didn’t together actually, we thought we were, we thought we were going to get in the same room, which would have been a little strange, but we did co-ordinate!”

I did notice that actually, there’s usually a women’s influence…
S: “There wasn’t a women’s touch, but we are like women.”
M:”He did email me actually and ask me what we were wearing!”

I love your accent, because I’m from the West Midlands as well, so I fell at home do you know what I mean
M: “Yeah you are!”

We’re practically neighbours…
Now back to some serious questions… If you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?

S: “Good one”
M: “Personally for me, I would be a chocolate caramel digestive.”
S: “It’s a tremendous choice”
M: “yeah I thought so. Because you can have it with tea, you’re a team player, and you can’t have too much of it, you can’t have too much of a good thing, and you don’t flop in the tea. It’s a sturdy biscuit.
S: “I’m going to be an underdog; you’re going to be shocked here. Because it’s not my favourite biscuit to eat but I’d be a Rich Tea!”
M: “What??”
S: “Because it’s weak, and I’d be the one of the Rich Tea going ‘No we’re not weak, we’re good’, I’d get the Rich Teas together we’ll gang up on the Chocolate caramel digestives and I’d say ‘look at me, I’m Rich Tea’.

Obviously you guys have been in the industry a long time now, what does the Children’s BAFTAs mean to you personally?
S: “It’s just recognition for doing what you do I think everybody in kids TV works so hard because everybody is trying to make the best show that they can do and usually it’s probably on a hell of a lot smaller budget than what prime time shows get but they look amazing and to be recognised for that is just great.”
M: “Has anybody said the great party that we’re gonna have?”

Not yet! But can we come?
M: “Yeah sure we’ll squeeze you in!”
S: “We have no power whatsoever!”
M: “Don’t tell her that!”
S: “Sorry!”

What do you guys watch on TV? Do you ever watch yourselves?
M: “A little bit of everything really! But no I never ever watch myself.”

David Attenborough said he did…
M: “The fact that David Attenborough watches himself, you know how good he is and you know he watches himself and thinks I’m pretty cool!”
S: “I tell you what I’ve loved recently; a show that we both love is Gogglebox. It shows the power of television, and things like Great British Bake-off, love that.”
M: “We love friends, it’s a classic and it’s timeless.”
Henry Winkler


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