Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts talks her favourite films, the jungle and more.!


Ashley graces the Children’s Bafta Awards for the first time and we sit down for a catch up

Hi Ashley, you look absolutely gorgeous!

“well thank you”

So it’s your first time here tonight- very exciting!?

“Very exciting! Yeah first time, what should I expect?
“I’m going to be doing a lot of hooting and hollering so a lot of excitement.”

What does the Children’s BAFTA Awards mean to you?

Well yeah, I’ve been in the arts since I was a young kid and I think it’s totally great that they actually do this ceremony for kids TV because they don’t necessarily get as much recognition and there’s some really talented youngsters out there, you know, it’s cool, it’s exciting.”

And do you like any kids programmes, do you watch cartoons or anything?

“Kung Fu Panda is one of my faves! How To Train A Dragon, I mean a lot of like cartoon films Monsters, Disney and Dreamworks.”

Have you seen Monsters University?

“Yeah I love that!”
It’s my favourite film ever! Mike Wazowski- such a babe!

“Mike Wazowski.. haha.. I love that, that’s hilarious!”

And have you been watching I’m A Celebrity this year?

“Yeah, of course!”

Who are you rooting for this year?

“It’s still early but Joey’s hilarious, he’s so entertaining you know he’s got a sincerity to him, he’s totally on his own lily-pad but you kind of root for him at the same time, so I really like him, I think Kian is a sweetheart and Laila, I love Laila she’s like a strong woman just says it how it is I really like her as well. “

I’ve seen a few pic of you on Instagram with Laura Whitmore are you guys still really good friends?

“Yeah we’re really good friends. I know I’m jealous, I was supposed to go over to Aus and do the panel but I’m doing ‘This Morning’ for ‘ I’m a Celeb’ now so I didn’t get to go over there. We were going to have Margaritas on the beach!”

Tough life really!

“Tough life I know, but she’s having fun which is good but I really miss her.”


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