Myleene adds a touch of Klass to the Red Carpet last night in London


Looking radiant in pink, Myleene chose to wear a dress from her own range for Littlewoods, which you can get your hands on for only £49. When she arrived she came over and told us “I see your tweets” which we love! The star later tweeted her a selfie of her with Henry Winkler at the event and thanked Red Carpet Biz for a “fab” interview. Anytime Myleene! Read what she had to say when we had a right old chin wag with her.

The Childrens BAFTA Awards, what do they mean to you personally?

I think what’s nice is an awards ceremony which actually honours the bosses the decision makers, you know they decide what you watch when you watch how you watch it, I mean it used to be me that was the boss but not anymore. And I think the way that future generations are going to consume all of that media I think that it’s really important that we’re here and we honour that.”

And are there any Chilkdren’s TV shows you like to watch?

Anything that’s creative anything that’s a bit of escapism, I’m really glad that Blue Peter are being honoured here tonight, because we all grew up with that, it’s a total institution and I’ve recently been a judge on Blue peter to help them find their new host so I feel very much a part of it, plus,. I recently got a Silver Blue Peter Badge- who even knew they existed! I thought it was just a thing of legacy or mythology but if you get three normal Blue Peter Badges then you receive a Silver Blue Peter Badge. And then you get a gold one for saving someone’s life so if any of you want to let me do a bit of CPR that would be great!”



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