Jake Humphrey presents the 2013 children’s BAFTAs in London

Jake Humphrey presented the 2013 Children’s BAFTAs last night in London and before he went on stage we grabbed a few minutes of his time to ask him about his time in children’s TV.

Hi Jake, you’re looking very dapper this evening, did you dress yourself or any help involved in this at all?

“No, I dressed myself in about three minutes!”

That’s very impressive! And what do the Children’s VAFTAs mean to you personally? Obviously you’ve been in the industry a long time, and you started off in Children’s TV.

“I basically owe my career to children’s TV because when I first started on Children’s BBC I would have been 20 years old, and I didn’t know much about TV, I made loads of mistakes and having that opportunity to be given the chance to learn and do things that you wouldn’t get elsewhere and then you can slowly improve and eventually when you get an opportunity on something like in my case Formula 1 or the Olympic Games, you can take it and you can fly with it, and its completely down to Children’s TV, and if you look TV now, Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Reggie Yates, Fearne Cotton you know all these people, Ant and Dec, they all started in Childrens TV and there’s a reason for that.”

Are there any shows you particularly like on children’s TV?

I’m still a big Blue Peter fan, because I grew up with Blue Peter when it was in its absolute hay day and it was a much watch show every evening and my friend Helen Skelton and my mate barney Harwood have been presenting that recently, and Sam and Mark are great as well, and Friday Download! Am I a bit old to be watching Friday download? Never too old right!


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