Ashley and Pudsey make an appearance at the children’s BAFTAs

Wearing a sparkling bow tie , Britain’s most famous dog walked the red carpet yesterday at the Children’s Bafta Awards and here’s what happened when the Britain’s got talent duo spoke with Red Carpet Biz.

We’ve just seen Pudsey having a sit down, is he a bit of a Diva now after all of your success?
“No I think he’s just sick of listening to the sound of my own voice, so no he’s heard this all before so he just goes to sleep really, I wish I could do that”

He looks very glamorous as well, is he getting pampered after all your success?

“Yes, he’s got his bow-tie on tonight, so very sparkly and he did have a bath and a groom for today as well.”

Is there anything you two like to watch on TV together?

“I suppose when we’re at home and have time, I’m a soap person and dog programmes for Pudsey and obviously Britain’s Got Talent!”


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