Royal Concert Hall Nottingham : Vagina Monologues

Red Carpet Biz attended the fabulous ‘Vagina Monologues’ at the Royal Concert Hall lastnight and we loved every second.
The play is based on the results of interviews conducted with women in several different countries globally, and explores female sexuality through the experiences of the interviewees and their feelings about their ‘down below’ (as one elderly woman insisted on calling it).
The different monologues ranged from the bizarre (‘What would your vagina wear?!’… ’A mouse trap.’) to the heart-breaking takes of sexual abuse in war-torn states and had the audience in respective fits of uncontrollable laughter and shocked silence. A highlight was a particularly creative use of pyrotechnics onstage (we’ll let your imagination interpret this as it will- we’d hate to spoil the surprise!)
It’s always refreshing to hear things from the female perspective and it was especially encouraging to hear women speaking about their bodies so freely. The show was clearly a hit with the predominantly female crowd. Audience participation was encouraged to near-pantomime levels at certain points throughout the show, adding to the fun atmosphere. Ladies: we recommend you buy a ticket and take all of your friends with you! Gents: feel free to attend as long as you can take a joke and some minor abuse (we’re just kidding- you’ll love it too).

Thanks as always to the lovely people at the Royal Concert Hall for having us. You can check what’s showing in the lead up to Christmas on their website Royal Concert Hall Nottingham , make sure you grab your ticket for this year’s pantomime “Peter Pan” on sale now , call 0115 989 5555

Becca Scott


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