Xfactor big band week

XFactor 09-10/11: Big Band Week

This week is probably one of the most expected ones: it welcomes a live orchestra and brings the contestants’ performances to a whole new level. And for once, we got to see Peter Dickson, the man behind the famous XFactor voice (if you were expecting the ad bear, you must have been disappointed).

Abi opened the show with “That’s Life” but it wasn’t enough t convince Louis and Sharon: she is expecting more sassiness from the 16-year-old.
Up next was Sam Bailey, also known as the British Celine Dion. She sang a gigantic classic, “New York, New York”, and, as per usual, smashed it! Louis appreciated the fact that Sam is regular in her work and that it could get her to win.

“Baby Nicholas Bublé” captivated the judges (especially Nicole) with his performance and also with his looks, more mature and grown up.
Luke completely missed the spot: he was ahead of the band and Gary thought it was very uncomfortable.
Hannah “swang” (just quoting Nicole, here) “It’s a Man’s World”. Sharon said she could never get enough of her soothing, delicious voice while Gary noticed Hannah’s extra confidence through her growls and raspy sounds.

With “Hit the Road, Jack”, Rough Copy surprised Nicole: “I’ve never seen anyone doing what you do”.
Endangered last week, Tamera was more than ready to deliver an amazing performance. Gary said her potential was stratospheric while Sharon, agreeing on the fact that Tamera has a gift voice, asked her to give more emotion.
Last but not least, Sam got an “A’ for effort from the judges. There is clearly a tension building up between the contestant and Gary: Sam thinks Gary is too harsh in his comments while Gary is absolutely not convinced by Sam’s vocals.

Surprisingly, Abi and Hannah were both sent to the sing-off. Abi sang “Lego House” while Hannah opted for a more controversial tune: “Wrecking Ball”.
The contestant sent home was Abi, who could not help but cry at the judges’ decision.

Emilie Devillet


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