This weeks xfactor gossip


X Factor’s contestants are all lovey dovey for the second live show

This second live show sounded promising, with its “love and heartbreak” theme. But not all the contestants made the best of it.
First one up, Sam Bailey from Sharon’s team of girls above 25, delivered a performance that amazed the judges although Nicole did not like it. It was just all right but not a good song to open this kind of show.
Kingsland Road tried to impress with “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Nicole wondered why it felt like a choral group and why there were no lead vocals. Gary argued that there were eleven leads already and that the boys wanted to sing together.
The young Nicholas McDonald had some trouble while preparing his song. “She’s the one” did not really ring a bell because he has never been in love. At only 16, it feels quite normal. Louis asked him to sing thinking about his celebrity crush Nicole and it worked perfectly! He was one of the highlights of the weekend.
Abi Alton looked a bit lost singing “I just can’t get you out of my head”. The judges agreed that interpreting a song without sitting behind an instrument was a brave move for Abi. Still, her embarrassment was contagious and it makes us wonder if she will be able to stand out and affirm herself.
Then came Shelley Smith and “single ladies”. What a performance! She rocked the stage and shook things up: the audience was almost dozing off at this point! She had fun and it showed.
Singing a song by Jason Mraz, Sam Callahan took some risks. Last week, the judges were not happy with his vocals so, this week, he chose a very vocal song and worked hard. It paid off as Gary noticed a massive improvement.
Another highlight was Tamera Foster; she sang beautifully and effortlessly. Gary said that, after tonight, the public is going to see what the judges have seen right from her audition.
Luke Friend brought a bit his quirkiness into Passenger’s song “Let Her Go”. Nicole and Sharon liked it and thought he took the song to another, rockier level.
The last of the groups was Rough Copy (Miss Dynamix, due to Cee Cee feeling unwell, were automatically put through to next week). They sand “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys and, as Sharon said, “rough copy-ied” it. They have to be careful to their moves and make sure it does not get in the way of the pitch.
Hannah Barrett was the last to sing and her song choice was probably a bit inadequate: she sang “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. The judges loved it and called her performance “magnificent”.
After the Flash Vote, it is Kingsland Road that will go to the sing-off. Tonight, the votes have decided that Shelley Smith would face them.
The “battle” was tense: the boys were really nervous and had long faces while Shelley was moved to tears, certain to be the one going. Looks like she was right as, despite Sharon begging Louis and overusing her charms on him, Shelley Smith was voted out of the competition by three judges.

Emilie Devillet


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