Last auditions

Last week of auditions: few surprises and a dash of drama

These were the last auditions for this tenth season of the British X Factor. Reserving few surprises, tonight’s show was quite slow and felt long. It is actually time to move forward to boot camp and to shake things up!

The groups were a major category tonight and many of them got through to the arena. “Terrors of Rock”, a man band formed by six guys looking like bikers, delivered a great reprise of Bon Jovi’s famous “Living on a prayer”. Though they did not impress Sharon yesterday, she did change her mind and said that their energy was “electric”. Gary called the girl band “Xyra” a breath of fresh air. They sang “Earthquake” by Labyrinth and got four yeses. “Brick City”, formed by three guys and a girl, blew the judges’ minds away and were told by Gary that their vocals were the best of all the groups.

There was a bit of drama in the group category, both yesterday and today. Hannah, 17, auditioned with her two best friends as a band but the judges asked her to go through solo. It was a tough decision to make for the young artist but she decided to give it a go. She sang “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato and gathered four yeses. The judges insisted to tell her that she had made the right decision, even though it was a painful choice. Sharon did ask her to work on her confidence.
“Dynamix” formed by two men and a woman, failed to convince with their reprise of the Black Eyed Peas. Cee-Cee was pointed as the lady leader of the band and their lack of chemistry has irritated the judges. They offered Cee-Cee to go through on her own. Bursting into tears, torn between her friends and her dreams, she decided to stick with her band. They got three yeses as they have potential. They need to work on their chemistry if they want to make it to the live shows!

The two highlights of this weekend were Crissie and Paul. Crissie is 25 and has been singing at weddings for the last couple of years. She was really nervous because, for once, all the attention would be on her. Nicole said her singing was effortless while Sharon made her realise that all those weddings were the best training ever.
Paul was asked to work on his stage presence and, oh boy! he did! He got a standing ovation and Gary, throughout his whole performance, kept on saying “wow”. Paul was so good he did bring some of the audience to tears. He got through with four yeses. And closed the auditions for this season.

And now, we are off to boot camp! Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour…



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