Fabulous Fashionistas

Fabulous Fashionistas: fashion is ageless

This Tuesday evening, Channel 4 surprised its audience again with a documentary about fashion and elderly women: Fabulous Fashionistas. Through fashion and style, the real question is “Does ageing mean disappearing from the surface of the world?”

Sue Bourne, the director and producer of this documentary, met six amazing and very different women. Their average age is eighty, some are grannies, some are still working but what they all have is common is that envy of showing that, yes! they are still around and that, despite their physics being a tad more wrinkly than the rest of the population, they are up and running.

It is also about facing grief and widowing: when you have lost your significant other after spending fifty years with him, what is left of you? How do you resist that urge to just lie in bed and wait for death? It is hard but you have to keep on going. Fashion is a way for these women to stand proud, to stand out and to stand for themselves.

Because why could you not wear what you want passed a certain age…
“Fabulous Fashionistas” is an eye-opener, showing that your style and what you wear are somewhat defining who you are. All these women agreed to say that it has all to do with confidence and that it is quite hard to get comfortable to the point that you do not care about what people think anymore.

This documentary was simply amazing and very clever. We all know and agree that fashion is a weird animal that is hard to tame. Now, we have learned that it is not about what you wear but how you wear it. Confidence is one of the key…the other key is simply to go along and not give a damn about who thinks what!



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