Xfactor update

X Factor: So far, the boys’ category is the weakest link

Tonight offered us, once more, amazing performances and taught us that the choice of the song to interpret is definitely an important one. It also made us worry: as Nicole rightly pointed, the boys, so far, are behind and fail to impress…unless…

First things first, let’s talk about the artist known as “the reggae woman”: she ravished Louis’ heart and he was delighted by her performance. After giving her a yes, he simply choked while laughing. Gary, on the other hand, was not convinced as he thought her singing was “just alright”.
Lydia Lucy, 19 and from Essex, was advised yesterday to join a girl band. But she knows what she wants and worked hard to deliver a fantastic reprise of MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. She blew the judges’ minds and won her ticket to boot camp.

It seems like the boy bands are making a comeback (or were they ever gone?). “Rough Copy”, full of confidence, went for a reprise of One Direction’s “Little Things”; a slightly revisited version that led Sharon to warn them: “Don’t get cocky, boys!”
Then came a band formed by three brothers: no, it’s not the Jonas, nor the Hanson, it’s “Next of Kin”. They brought Nicole to tears yesterday but, tonight, they managed to impress Gary who said they reminded him about the first time he saw the Bee Gees.
“Kingsland”, a five-boys formation, sang “Treasure” by Bruno Mars and set the arena on fire. Surprisingly, they danced quite well and reminded us of the old NSync and Backstreet Boys days. Gary noticed that they are evolving really fast and wondered how good they would be after 3 or 4 months on the show. Let’s keep an eye on these boys, then!

Sharon did cry for the first time of this season. Yesterday, she recognised Stephanie, who went to her house in LA six years ago. She got four yeses yesterday but, in the arena, things got trickier. She decided to sing a song by Celine Dion, a song that was not a good choice. She almost got out of the competition but, moved by Sharon’s affection towards the contestant, Gary allowed her to sing 30 seconds of another song. Those 30 seconds saved her and she got four yeses. Gary insisted on the fact that she needed to “modernise” her choices…

Finally, the last contestant that we have seen tonight is probably THE one you have to bear in mind! Nicholas, 16, from Glasgow has a fantastic charisma. He is humble and incredibly talented. He sung “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and got a proper standing ovation from the audience. As Nicole said, his singing is effortless and Gary agreed to say that he was knocked out by Nicholas’ performance while, yesterday, he thought he was just okay. Nicholas not only has the talent, he has a personality that will ravish all the viewers’ hearts. He is definitely this weekend’s highlight and gave us hope and faith in the boys’ category!



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  1. Annika says:

    Niall is the best 🙂


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