The X factor : Week 2


X Factor 2013: Not a good year for girl bands…

Second week of the tenth series of the X Factor and it looks like girl bands are not very popular this year. After getting enough yeses to access the arena and perform in front of 4000 people, The Dolly Rockers and the Euphoria Girls are out.
But it seems that solo female artists are getting the lead. Relley C, with quite noticeable black and white hair, moved the judges yesterday when she explained that she was a housekeeper in Birmingham. She amazingly sang a reprise of Swedish House Mafia’s hit “Don’t you worry child” that got her four yeses. Louis rightly said “You deserve a chance; no more housekeeping for you”, which brought Relley (and us!) to tears. But, in the arena, her nerves got the best of her and her performance was disappointing. She got through, though, because Gary and the other judges can see potential in her.
Another gifted artist is Aby Alton: the 18-year-old singer/songwriter blew our minds away with her talent and her sweet yet powerful voice. Louis was worried she could not project enough in a big arena but she proved him wrong. The audience gave her a standing ovation after she sang a song about being heartbroken, a song she wrote just for the occasion. So far, she is a strong contestant that you should keep an eye on.
Melanie, who is back for the fourth year, got four yeses yesterday and Gary, totally won over, declared that she was “the best audition of the day, by a mile”. Tonight, she sang “Titanium” by David Guetta and left the arena completely gob smacked: how can such a strong voice come out of such a tiny person?
Coming back for the second year, Jade easily got her ticket to the arena. She got through with for yeses but Louis asked her to be more careful whilst performing: she needs to communicate more with the audience.
Nothing too impressive on the boys’ side so far: Barclay got Nicole out of control with his yodel. Tonight, he sang/yodelled on “What Makes You Beautiful” and, even though it is definitely something you have never heard before, it is right to question the relevance of such an act in the X Factor. Gary said “Your own voice doesn’t sound as good as the yodel”. He got four yeses and promised to Sharon that he would work on his vocals.
Finally, Tom Mann, 19, got through with four yeses. He has quite an interesting and noticeable voice, which could lead him far in the competition.

It is fair to say that girls are taking the lead. Let’s hope things will turn around for boys next week.



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