Rush Movie Premiere

Time to hit the red carpet for the premiere of “Rush”

Monday evening, Leicester square welcomed another movie premiere and, this time, it was all about race cars, handsome men, beautiful ladies and a rendezvous with a true story. “Rush” is based on true events: the rivalry between the British Formula One racing driver James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) and his Austrian alter ego, Niki Lauda (interpreted by Daniel Bruhl).

The movie was directed by Ron Howard and we asked the main actors about their experience on the set of “Rush”. Alexandra Maria Lara, who is playing the part of Lauda’s lover Marlene Knaus, said:” Ron Howard is such a lovely man. He’s an easy going director. Everybody loved coming to work!” Olivia Wilde, James Hunt’s onscreen lover, was really excited when she found out that Howard was directing.Daniel Bruhl pointed out that the director’s past as an actor was a big asset: “Ron knows exactly what you need and he gives you the right amount of support and confidence. He has a certain authority but he doesn’t need to be loud or bossy. His energy, his enthusiasm is so contagious.”
About his partner, Chris Hemsworth, he only has good things to say and it looks like these two got along more than well:”He is adorable, laid-back, a proper Australian surfer guy! We got along with each other so well…In fact, we are writing our own romantic comedy! Laughs”

Because “Rush” is based on true events, it did put more pressure on the shoulders of Peter Morgan, screenwriter for the film:” Lifewrite can be a bit tricky. We had to combine a human drama and a Formula One story and make a good film out of it.”

Ron Howard described “Rush” as being a story about relationships, not only between these two men, Hunt and Lauda, who are rivals but also their relationships away from the track and what that reveals about those individuals. “Sure they provide sexiness, their willingness to gamble and take risks but also their insecurities, the ones they didn’t show to the world.”

So, “Rush” is definitely more than just a film about race cars, it is a film about rivalry and how it can help you go further, about love and hate, about men and women.
To finish, I’d like to quote Ron Howard: “Formula One in the seventies…that’s when having sex was safe and driving was dangerous!”



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