Southcliffe leaves audience wanting more

“Southcliffe”, the new Channel 4 drama that will wrench your guts

Southcliffe will leave you on the edge of your seat, with a weird feeling inside your belly. Written by the talented and award-winning Tony Grisoni (who worked on the “Red Riding” series a few years ago), the action takes place in a small fictional country town where a gunman spreads panic and blood on his mad journey across Southcliffe.

The four-part mini-series shows what chain of events led to these bloody shootings and how the town reacts to what happened, as the inhabitants wake up from what feels like a nightmare.
Not without reminding about the shootings in Cumbria in 2010, “Southcliffe” explores the wide range of feelings that led and resulted from the gunman’s actions through the eyes of a journalist, originally from the town.
This TV drama is served by many well-known and talented British actors: Rory Kinnear (Black Mirror) is the journalist, Sean Harris (Prometheus) plays Stephen, Joe Dempsie (Skins, Games of Thrones) plays Chris, while the next episodes should see the apparition of Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Wuthering Heights).

Nerves wrenching, gloomy and terrifying, “Southcliffe” is what I would call great British television! It has a great intensity, while being well executed and sadly realistic. I read on Twitter last night, shortly after the end of the first episode, a comment of a man saying that he needed to watch videos of kittens and puppies before going to bed. I cannot help but agree with him: “Southcliffe” is definitely not for the faint hearts. Still, it is so good it hurts! The last episode is to be aired next Sunday, at 9pm…It is going to be a long week, guys!

Emilie Devillet


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