Times Red interview : new single Not Listening out August 4th

We caught up with the Times Red boys just as they came off stage at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park this weekend, check out what they had to say:

Red Carpet Biz catch up with Times Red
Red Carpet Biz catch up with Times Red

Photograph Credit : Scott Viggars

Times Red! You guys have just come off stage, how was it for you out there?

Luke : Sick Bruv! Sweaty! Too hot! After each number you could see more people come in

So far since the X Factor what would you say has been your biggest achievement?

Scott : I’d say this

Staz : I’d say remaining friends (laughs)

Luke : We performed at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago as well and that’s one of the best achievements for us as well

Scott : Also I think getting the band behind us, since the X Factor, we were a three initially and the band has given us a more credible sound and has given us the opportunity to grow as a band and as a musical entity

At the moment who would you say is most similar to you?

Staz : We were discussing this earlier and we think our music and our sound stems from a variety of not only genres but also times and we look back and we think people like MJ and James Brown and then the more new sort of sounds, Maroon 5 , the script it’s more that kind of organic sounding music that kind of stirs your soul

Scott : I think all music has its roots and that’s just the music we like to make

Who would you say you would most like to work with?

Staz : I’d like to write and perform with Bruno Mars

Luke : Same ! With Justin! (Timberlake)

Finally who would you say has most influenced you as a group

Luke : I’d have to say Bruno Mars, The Script.

Scott : Earth, Wind and Fire

Staz : Yeah there is so many songs that they have written and they have such a massive catalogue and have been around for so long, everyone knows them

Luke : Yeah that is the definition of a pop star

The single is out on August 4th and we wish you all the best with it

Thank you very much, cheers!

Check out Times Red’s new single Not Listening below

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