Throwback Thursday! Red Carpet Biz talks with world’s biggest kylie act


Well…second after the main lady herself…

We caught up with the leading lady herself Lucy Holmes:

Kylie Act

When did you first realise that you wanted to pursue a career in kylie’s footsteps?

I actually studied a Bachelor of Music Theatre at Uni, studying singing, dancing and acting, and I’ve always been passionate about performing characters on stage in musicals. After my degree, I was working as a session singer, backing vocalist, and fronting a band when an agent who manages a lot of the most well known tribute shows in the world, saw me and said I should be doing a Kylie show, as I was a dead ringer for her, and could imitate her voice perfectly! I’d always heard the comments from about age 16, “gee you look like Kylie”, so it was a natural progression. That was ten years ago, and it snowballed from that fateful meeting! We now tour the world as a huge troupe, with incredible dancers (many who have worked for Kylie) and musos, sets, videos screens and props! We have hundreds of replica costumes, and we’ve got a huge fan following because we aim to make it as close to a real Kylie show as possible! So performing as Kylie feels no different to performing a role in a musical, like Eponine in Les Mis, or Christine in Phantom… except I get to wear a lot more feathers and sequins as Kylie. She has to be the most incredible character to embody – sexy, strong, sassy, cute! It’s an actors dream!

2) what has been the highlights of your career do far?

Well, this our 10th Anniversary year… and we’ve toured 15 countries in those ten years, and we have so many amazing memories! But one of the highlights would definitely have to be when Kylie tweeted that we were the ‘Best Kylie Act’ in the world. For a superstar to comment on a tribute show is just mind blowing! It just never happens! It was a wonderful milestone for our show. She then started following us on Twitter and often sends messages of support. It’s unbelievable. We still pinch ourselves. Another highlight was when Kylie sent her very own DVD documentary film crew down to film the show for her own enjoyment, sending her manager, crew and dancers along as well. Another amazing moment was when we were performing in Melbourne. After the show, there was a knock on the changeroom door, and Kylie’s mum and dad came backstage to congratulate us, saying they were blown away and that they thought I could fill in for Kylie if she was ever sick and no one would be able to tell the difference! It was a surreal experience!

3) What would you say is your favourite Kylie song, album and tour?

My favourite song would have to be Better The Devil You Know – the recent Les Folies tour Brazilian-style version. It’s pure joy to perform! My favourite album? Hmmm. That’s like asking me to choose a favourite child. Fever is incredible, but Light Years is such a classic. My favourite tour would have to be the Anti-Tour. Yes, no bells, whistles, costumes, dancers or sets, just Kylie, her charisma and her voice. She was beyond amazing. It was an incredible evening, and something I will never forget.

4) If you had to pick what other career would you have gone for?

I’m pretty blessed to actually manage another career on the side as well, as a Radio Host here in Australia, and as a TV presenter! I love all my crazy jobs, and they tend to work together perfectly!

5) Finally tell us everything you have coming up that everyone can look forward to!

Being our tenth anniversary year (which is funny since it’s Kylie’s 25th… she’s got K25, we’ve for 100%K10) we’ve got some huge things planned. First up, we’re off to the gorgeous country of New Zealand, for three big shows headlining a festival there, and then we are off on a European Tour, Spain, Italy and Germany! We are beyond excited to visit these places and can’t wait to perform there! We’re also appearing on Australia’s Got Talent, and that is about to kick off very shortly, so that’s incredibly exciting too! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that we’re been together and touring for ten years! That’s extraordinary for a tribute stage show. And we have loved every minute!

Love you RCB!!!!!! XOXOXOX

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