THROWBACK THURSDAY – Autumn Row Interview


Autumn Rowe Talks to Red Carpet Biz
Autumn Rowe Talks to Red Carpet Biz
Interview with the New York based singer and song writer ‘Autumn Rowe’ –

Q) Autumn Rowe! Very nice to speak with you, first off, we would like to congratulate you on the recent success of ‘Swagger Jagger’ which went straight to Number 1 here in the UK! Can you tell when you’ve written a hit? Do you think to yourself ‘this one will blow people away’?

Thank-you very much! I don’t sit and try to write a ‘smash hit’ or approach music in that way at all. What I consider in success in a song is whatever particular emotion or message I’m trying to express in song, did I get that across? Swagger Jagger was exactly how Cher (Lloyd) was feeling the day we wrote it so that’s why I consider it a success.

Q) We think it suits Cher brilliantly! When would you say you got your ‘big break’ and what have been the highlights of your career so far?

Well I was in a band first called ‘Autumn’ under Swizz Beatz for a few years but the timing never seemed to be right to release our project. I was always writing but wasn’t really trying to be a top line writer. Stargate presented the Deadmau5 track to me and I wrote’Happiness’ (for Alexis Jordan) and that was a life changing song for me.

Q) Have you ever met any of the artists you have written material for and what do you think of them or do you prefer to write at a distance?

Yes I know all of the artists I’ve written for, I like to be personal with them and have a relationship with them. I have to say I love all of them.

Q) Would you say you have ever been star struck by a celebrity before at an event/function?

I don’t really get star struck by artists because I’m with them all the time but recently I was star struck by Marilyn Manson and Snoop Dog who were at this party in LA. I couldn’t believe I was standing next to Marilyn Manson!

Q) What do you think of reality shows such as The X Factor and Idol?

When Idol first came out I wasn’t sure what to think but times have changed and the game has evolved. It’s an amazing opportunity to get discovered but still not the only way. I do encourage artists to make demos and find a sound and do live performances and not just count on being on X Factor as their only chance.

Q) We are very jealous! Can you give us any indication on what you’re working on right now and the near future?

Well I’m finishing up on Alexandra Burke, actually working on a song of hers today. There are a few other projects but I like to wait close to release dates before I say too much but I will say I’m excited about Benga’s Album and making music with him.

Q) Who would you say your Idols are and who would you most like to work with?

My idols are Stevie Wonder, Carole King, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey and I would love to work with Mariah or Beyonce

Q) Finally, what words of advice would you give to a budding singer/songwriter wanting to pursue a career in the music industry?

My advice for anyone wanting to make it big in music is to be as tough as nails but let your talent speak for itself. Don’t be afraid to be different and set your own trends. Work really really hard and don’t give up if it’s what you want. However a lesson a week and dreaming is not working hard! You have to put it in every single day.

Q) Autumn it has been lovely talking with you and we wish you every success in the future

Thanks Guys

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