RCB Hits Up Leona Lewis’ Glassheart Tour

Your Red Carpet Biz editor-in-chief and music editor went along to Leona Lewis’s latest international tour: The Glassheart Tour. It was great to see the X Factor’s 2006 winner is still sounding fantastic and fits the superstar bill far better than simply being labelled a reality contest winner.

Lewis’ set started with a backdrop bearing the message ‘The heart was made to be broken’, setting the scene for the singer’s performances, with many of her hits depicting pain and heartbreak. She began the night with a slowed-down version of ‘Come Alive’, sporting a long red gown.

Though perhaps not the greatest dancer to grace the music scene, Leona reminded us why the country voted for her back in 2006: her vocals were outstanding and particularly shone during ballads like ‘Bleeding Love’ and ‘Run’, which she chose to close the night on. Hitting the high notes with precision, she flaunted her crazy vocal range and thrilled her audience. Other highlights of the night included her cover of Rihanna’s Barbadian-influenced ‘Man Down’ (during which she emulated the Caribbean singer’s famous dance moves) and her exciting performance of her more recent track ‘Glassheart’, which began with Lewis enthusiastically pounding on a large drum to the delight of her fans.

What’s more, the star really showed her love for her fans, giving a heartfelt thanks to those who attended and taking time to stop and hug several members of the front row. Aww, what a sweetie!

RATING: **** (4 stars)

Let us know what you think of Leona and her music over at @RCB_Music and @redcarpetbiz

Article written by music editor Becca Scott.


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