All Hail Queen Bey: Mrs Carter World Tour Review

Your Red Carpet Biz music editor witnessed the spectacle that was Beyoncé’s latest tour- and it was nothing short of game-changing.

It’s Saturday 4th May and London’s O2 Arena is full to its 20,000 seat capacity in anticipation for the Queen of the Beyhive (and arguably of music itself right now): the living legend that is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Adoring fans of all ages have donned her t-shirts from the merch stand and many have queued the entire day to see her 5th of a 6 night residence at the prestigious venue. One last statistic: 1 thing is guaranteed; none of them will be disappointed with the outstanding event.

The show served as a gallery of countless chart-topping, emotion-wrenching and ass-shaking power-hits that the superstar has amassed over the course of a dazzling career.

The night couldn’t have started with a more appropriate number, with Beyoncé entering with a burst of flame and launching immediately into the crazy shoulder-popping choreography of ‘Run the World (Girls)’, the female anthem of recent times. Bey received criticism for the recent ‘Bow Down’, which had us all questioning why she was seemingly telling her female fans to ‘bow down bitches’, in contrast to her ‘Run the World’ message. Notably ‘Bow Down’ was missing from the set list and the opening performance was more than enough to restore everyone’s faith in the star as a shining example of girl power. She was everything her adoring audience wanted and expected.

Despite her recent pregnancy and the demands of the large-scale tour, the singer was in peak condition, making the famous ‘Single Ladies’ choreography look effortless whilst hitting every single note flawlessly. She certainly lived up to her lyric ‘Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business!’ following the birth of Blue Ivy last January. Her absolutely incredible figure cut a formidable shape onstage in a gorgeous array of intricate costumes, the highlight of which was a galaxy-esque violet glittered catsuit (who needs subtlety when you’re Beyoncé anyway?!)

Beyoncé belted hit after hit for the ecstatic crowds, who religiously sang (or shrieked in between screams/tears) along to every line. Some highlights were the feisty ‘Freakum Dress’, the booty shaking ‘Crazy in Love’ and the nod to her past with her superwoman rendition of the Destiny’s Child hit ‘Survivor’. She even travelled via high-wire to a more intimate stage for a couple of her hits, including everyone’s favourite break-up soundtrack ‘Irreplaceable’. At this point she got some thrilled members of the front row to help her with ‘to the left, to the left’ and even serenaded one lucky fan who looked as though her life had been made (understandable).

The set-list spoke for itself. There were no dud tracks (duh, it’s Beyoncé!) When the star spoke, her words were kind and humble. She thanked and expressed her love for her fans for putting her in the position she enjoys today and it was clear she meant every word. So we can add ‘sincerity’ to the already endless list of ‘reasons why Red Carpet Biz loves Beyoncé’.

She’s completely aware that she’s music royalty though. Her interludes featured imagery from THAT o2 advert where she regally struts through her court in full royal attire. She has a presence onstage quite unlike any other artist. Very few can dance as well as Beyoncé. Very few can sing as well as Beyoncé. Most importantly it’s a struggle to name another artist that can do both. The Mrs Carter World Tour reminded the world just how magical she is and why we love her.

The incredible performer ended with the show-stopping ‘Halo’. Beautifully lyrical, the song could have described Beyoncé herself. Even after a gruelling two hour set list, she was still brilliantly radiant. It’s pretty safe to say by the line ‘standing in the light of your halo, I’ve got my angel now’, the large majority of the standing crowd were reduced to tears. It was a stunning close to the night.

In summary: Beyoncé is 100% fabulous (and quite possibly superhuman) and we highly recommend rushing maniacally to grab a ticket for one of the last UK dates. Alternatively, she’s also performing for Chime for Change at Twickenham on the 1st of June and at V-fest later in the summer.

RATING: ***** (5 stars)

Have you seen Beyoncé’s Mrs Carter World Tour? Do you agree with our glowing review? Tweet us your thoughts over at @RCB_Music and @RedCarpetBiz

Article written by music editor Becca Scott.



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